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Maitland Office

543 North Wymore Road

Suite 101
Maitland, FL 32751

What We Do

Finding Optimal Financial Balance

At SmartWealth, we help our clients get to a state of financial balance and then we help keep them there. We help sift through the overwhelming influx of information and often conflicting advice from all around. Our approach is to study which piece of advice is appropriate for each client’s unique situation. In the end, overall balance, improved financial organization and thus better decision making is the goal.

Wealth Enhancement That’s All-Inclusive Or “A La Carte”

To implement the decisions made using our unique process, SmartWealth offers a wide range of financial products and services.

Our reputation for objectivity, knowledge, and highly individualized service often results in certain clients acquiring a product or a service through SmartWealth on an individual basis, separate from a comprehensive planning process.

Whatever the particular need, we are happy to accommodate clients on both an all-inclusive and an a la carte basis, with the same objectivity and high level of service.

Enlightening Clients & Empowering Wealth

SmartWealth’s purpose is not to tell people what to do. Rather, we give our clients a crystal clear understanding of the pros and cons of each financial alternative so they can make the best informed decision for themselves.

Our goal is more than simply maximizing your wealth—we also want to empower your wealth. That means leveraging the full benefit of your financial position to help you reclaim precious time with your family and make the most of important relationships and exciting life opportunities.